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What’s Garage 51?

Garage 51 is a company that arises from
the need that at present the games for mobile
devices are not innovative and bring
little intensity of play to the player.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create quality and original
games to offer our players unique and
intense experiences, as you can find on
traditional platforms such as consoles
and PC. Besides that we want to be part
of the daily life of our players thanks to
our mechanics of engagement and progression.


Demon Blade

Demon Blade is our first game of many and
is a free 2 play Action RPG game for mobile
device with a unique swipe combat system.
With a japanese feudal mythology with
a 3D anime art style. 


Demon Blade Features

demon blade game

Explore Feudal Japan

Take the role of a samurai and explore japanese dungeons such as ancient temples abandoned by humans and gods, dark forests invaded by the forces of evil, snowy mountains where no adventurer would dare to enter and many more.

demon blade game

Beat The Demons

Hunts the Yokais (demons) and frees the feudal Japan lands from the evil created by the greed of the men. The Yokais are monsters of the Japanese mythology, there are a great variety of types of Yokais like for example in form of umbrellas, ghosts, demons.

demon blade

Improve Your Character

Collect rewards, improve and equip the character with the powerful armor and weapon, but that’s not all because the equipment has real visual effect on your character.

demon blade game

Cursed Dungeon

Defeat the cursed dungeon and conquer the different floors where you will face thousands of enemies each more powerful than the previous one.


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