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In Barcelona 2018, a game studio was born.
We are constantly looking for new challenges to reach new limits
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We are Garage51

Where Talent Grows and Dreams Thrive. Nurturing junior profiles into industry leaders with our comprehensive development pipeline since our start in 2018.


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Top Sales PSVR2


This is
our journey



Three college companions established
a new game studio called Garage51


F2P Campus

The team was chosen for
the prestigious incubation program


Demon Blade Release

Official release on
Google Play and App Store


Top 100 RPG

Demon Blade reach Top 100 RPG
on App Store in +47 countries



Demon Blade reached 1 million downloads
combined from Google Play and the App Store.


Spain top 18

Garage51 got the Top 18 grossing
in app revenue company in Spain.


Drums Rock PSVR2 Launch!

Released on PSVR2, achieving TOP 4 sales
in Japan within the first six months.


Drums Rock on META Store

Featuring licensed songs from renowned bands such as The Offspring and Green Day.

The soul

the founders

marc company

Marc Company

Licensing / Marketing
garage51 testimonial
garage51 testimonial
garage51 testimonial
garage51 testimonial
garage51 testimonial
Demon Blade has fantastic art style, smooth animations, easy to grasp combat yet still has an elevated skill ceiling. Lots of customization with amazing looking armors and weapons. Reasonable pacing for leveling. I've only been playing for a few days but this game has my attention. My only complaint thus far is that combat can be a little slow at times but when you master the parry system it compliments combos perfectly and feels great. All in all, worth installing especially since it's free. Well done devs

James S

Demon Blade User
Drums Rock is the best Drums Game
We’ve had an absolute blast playing Drums Rock. Getting into the swing of a song and nailing a combo leaves us feeling like a rock legend, and unless you’ve got access to a full drum kit, this is the closest thing you’re going to get. Make no bones about it: Drums Rock
Demon Blade is a impressive game. Simple controls but a wonderful and addicting challenge to master. Gameplay for missions is extremely short and sweet.


Demon Blade User
For less than £30 PlayStation VR 2 users can pick up the virtual reality system's best game and all post-release DLC.
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